Are you in need of coaching?  As a leader are you receiving feedback that one or more of your behaviors is holding you back?  Or do you supervise a leader that is unaware of behaviors that are holding them back in their careers?  Many times these behaviors include poor listening, unable to empower a team, wanting to win too much or bogging down processes to name a few.

Diane is able to help these struggling leaders through a process called stakeholder centered coaching or SCC.  This process for coaching involves maximizing the positive aspects of an employee and overcoming the negative aspects that can interfere with job performance and development.

SCC is about understanding that we are all successful largely because of ourselves and also in spite of certain aspects of how we behave.  The method is based upon years of working with successful leaders who were willing to do what it takes to becoming even better leaders in the future

A CEO of one Fortune 100 Company (who has had many “ups and downs” on the admiration scale) says this:

“Success can lead to arrogance. When we become arrogant we quit listening. When we quit listening we stop changing. In today’s rapidly moving world, if we quit changing, we will ultimately fail.”

Equipped with this understanding, clients will employ a 7-Step process that offers dramatic results in developing themselves as leaders.  To succeed you will have to follow a disciplined practice. While this practice is simple to understand, it is at the same time difficult to perform. The disciplined practice used in SCC will be of value to anyone whose goal is a positive, long-term improvement in his or her own leadership behavior.

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