Harnessing the Creative Power of Your Employees

In today’s complex global economy, the need for fresh ideas and new ways of doing things is in an ever increasing demand.  Here’s how to harness the creative power of your employees:

1)       Create Opportunities for Suggestions and New Ideas

Your employees are often the ones on the front lines and are in a position to see things from a different point of view.  Use this to your organization’s advantage by asking employees to submit their new ideas for improving the workplace experience, productivity, and company efficiency.  Maybe even offer a contest for the best idea where the winner win’s $100 cash or a weekend getaway to a nearby resort.

By creating opportunities for employees to submit new ideas, you will begin to unleash the creative power of your employees and may receive a number of good ideas that can save your company thousands (and maybe even millions) of dollars.

2)      Show Employees That Their Ideas Are Valued

Helping your employees realize the value of their own ideas is a major component when tapping into the creative power of your company’s workforce.  Employees need to verbally hear that they are valuable to the company and that their ideas have value.

3)      Implement Constructive Ideas

If you get a good idea from an employee, take advantage of it and implement it.  There is nothing more rewarding to an employee than seeing an idea that they came up with being hardwired into the daily operations of a company.  This is a great way to create employee loyalty and feeling among employees that they are valuable and can have an impact on the organization.


Employees can sometimes manage to come up with some of the best ideas when given the opportunity.  The opportunity for them to provide ideas that ultimately work towards fulfilling and empowering the goals of the organization can many times lead towards greater employee loyalty and commitment to the organization.


December 13, 2012 admin Employee Relationships

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