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Testimonials From Recipients


“I always enjoy your newsletters, but I thought that this one was especially good—because I encountered it so often, both at work and in a couple of organizations I worked with. Have a great summer!” – G.H.


“This topic was a great one! I will be sure to use your suggestions to start off the 2012/2013 school year on the right foot. Thanks again.” – N.K., Site Supervisor, Northdale Middle School


“This one makes me chuckle – it’s the same advice you gave me a long time ago that I always share with others! Thanks again for sharing this advice way back in the day; I am glad that I finally started to follow it whole heartedly!” – Mike


“Diane:  I look forward to your weekly updates!” – G.S., Human Service Director III, McLeod Social Service Center


“Hi Diane; very well written.  Thank you” – D. Petz


“Thank you again Diane for your helpful newsletters.  I enjoy reading them.” – L.R., Seven Rivers Intermodal Terminals.
“This is a great topic.   Have you published this on LinkedIN?    I would love to add this article to my LinkedIN Discussion Group “Winona Area Small Business” so that other area businesses could benefit from your advice.” – D.M., Commercial Banker, Vice President, Merchants Bank


“This hits close to home!!”  – D.M


“This one sure hits home.” – A.H.


“Diane, Your newsletter is always so helpful; however, this one hit home for me.

Thanks so much!” – J.J., Operations Coordinator, Supply Chain Management-P2P



“This is my first of your newsletters!  Well done!  Thank you…literally!” – J.K.M., Speaker, Coach, & Author


“I appreciate these Monday newsletters, Diane.” – P.C., HR Manager


“Diane, your February 6 Monday Motivation article really cracked me up.

… I really enjoy your articles. Thanks!” – Susan


“I really had to chuckle at today’s Monday Motivation!” – A.N.


“This was too good not to forward on to my Customer Service Team” Gordie


“Thank you for this newsletter!” – A.W., Credit Officer, Winona National Bank


“This is a GREAT motivation! I have much experience with this exact problem throughout our company.” – D.T.


“Wow, you hit the nail on the head with this one.” – M.S.


“Thank you again Diane for a fabulous presentation today.    I continue to receive rave reviews about how appropriate the subject matter was for our organization and how much people really enjoyed meeting you.” – J.D., 2011-2012 Minnesota State President, Epsilon Sigma Alpha


“I would recommend signing up for it and or having your HR person receive it.  It contains a lot of good advice on real life work situation that can really make or break a good work atmosphere for both employee and employer.” – T.F., President, Formgraphics


“Okay – we girls are having a few laughs off this newsletter.  I send this out to all the girls every week.” – S.A., Administrative Assistant, Precision Pipeline, LLC


“First, thank you for putting out the Monday Motivation newsletter. It is very informational.”

– M.R., IBM Corp., Solutions Technology Center


“Thank you so much for the feedback.  I really like this approach, and I’m going to use this any time I am introducing a difficult change to a group.”

– G. Ritter, Assistant Food Service Director, Hopkins Royal Cuisine


“I really appreciate your Monday Motivation tips and have been sharing them each week with the Supervisors.” – D.D., Advanced Fiber Products


“Again, an excellent newsletter.”  – B.K., PHR, Lewiston Villa


“Thanks for adding me to the email list. I have found the information very informative.” – D.M.


“Thank you for the weekly tips and tricks!”

– G.L.S., Human Service Director III, McLeod Social Service Center


“I like it!  Wish I had these before I left my job!!” – D.M.


“Diane is a fellow Rotarian, extremely dynamic and with a great style to get the right message to the students and athletes, you will not be disappointed, guaranteed!!” – M. Patterson


“Got your newsletter today and just loved the message!”

– P.S., CMP, Education Programs Director, Minnesota HomeCare Association


“Wow – this newsletter topic… is really timely, thank you!  I am going to use your tips immediately.”

– L.K.


“Loved this week’s newsletter, gave me some great ideas, thank you.”

– M.G., 4staffing, Inc., Staffing Manager


“Diane – I just wanted to thank you for this newsletter.  I always look forward to receiving them and they most often are pertinent to a situation I am dealing with (either personally or professionally).” – K.H., PHR, Employee Benefits Manager, Diocese of Winona


“Hey thanks for including me with your newsletter.  I enjoy quick reads and will be sharing the newsletter with our leadership group. Thanks.” – K.K., Appert’s Foodservice, Director of Human Resources


“As always, I enjoy your Monday emails” – J.W.H., Director, Dodge County Human Services

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